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{Books Bought} – Here is a list of books that I recently purchased.

{Books Borrowed} – Here is a list of books I have recently borrowed.

{Books Received} – Here is a list of books I have recently received for reviewing purposes.

{01} – I SPy: Little Bunnies by Jean Marzollo {scholastic}
{02} – Sparrow by Sarah Moon {scholastic}
{03} – Mouseford Academy: A Mouseford Musical by Thea Stilton {scholastic}
{04} – Class Pets: Fuzzy Fights Back by Bruce Hale {scholastic}
{05} – Moby Shinobi: Ninja on the Job by Luke Flowers {scholastic}
{06} – You are my Magical Unicorn by Joyce Wan {scholastic}
{07} – Peep, Peep, I Love You! by Sandra Magsamen {scholastic}
{08} – She Dared: Malala Yousafzai by Jenni L. Walsh {scholastic}
{09} – Geronimo on Ice! by Geronimo Stilton {scholastic}
{10) – I only have pies for you by Suzanne Nelson {scholastic}
{11} – The Bad Guys in Superbad by Aaron Blabey {scholastic}
{12} – Junior Novel: The Lego Movie by Kate Howard {scholastic}
{13} – Dragon Masters: Treasure of the Gold Dragon by Tracey West {scholastic}
{14} – Clifford the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell {scholastic}
{15} – You are my Sunshine by Sandra Magsamen {scholastic}
{16} – I Spy: Little Hearts by Jean Marzollo {scholastic}
{17} – Paw Patrol: Heroes at Work by Courtney Carbone {scholastic}
{18} – Flash Cards: 50 Sight Words by Scholastic {scholastic}
{19} – Mama Loves her silly goose! by Sandra Magsamen {scholastic}
{20} – Press Start: The Super Side Quest by Thomas Flintham {scholastic}
{21} – Blizzard Besties by Ymaile Saied Mendez {scholastic}
{22} – Want to go Private by Sarah Darer Littman {scholastic}
{23} – The Boy Who Dared by Susan Campbell Bartoletti {scholastic}
{24} – Pokemon Alola Collection Chapter Books By Jeanette Lane {scholastic}
{25} – Lost in the Antarctic by Tod Olson {scholastic}
{26} – Hello Neighbor: Waking Nightmare by Carly Anne West {scholastic}
{27} – Perfect by Max Amato {scholastic}
{28} – Mac B: Kid Spy: The Impossible Crime by Mac Barnett {scholastic}
{29} – Bob and Tweets: Trick or Treat by Pepper Springfield {scholastic}
{30} – Our Little Love Bug by Sandra Magsamen {scholastic}
{31} – Bible BB’s: Jesus Loves Me by Scholastic {scholastic}
{32} – She Dared: Bethany Hamilton by Jenni L. Walsh {scholastic}
{33} – Lety Out Loud by Angela Cervantes {scholastic}
{34} – WeirDo by Anh Do {scholastic}
{35} – Mermaids to the Rescue: Cascadia Saves the Day by Lisa Ann Scott {scholastic}