Today I’d had the pleasure of finishing an incredible book The Similars by Rebecca Hanover. You can read my review by clicking here. The basis of this story is that there are clones created of the six main characters in the book. Those six clones were a scientific error and were raised off the grid. They were raised by a guardian that took them in due to the error and raised them on an island called Castor Island.

When I’d finished this book, I’d thought it would be the perfect start to a new set of posts I am going to be trying out called Bookish Travel. What that basically means is that I will read a book and post points of recommended travel for others that have enjoyed the book and are wanting to further explore it.

The basis of this particular book is centered around Greek and Roman Mythology. Castor and Pollux were twin brothers that were born to Zeus and Leda. It is said that Castor was born mortal and Pullux immortal. The brothers did not share the same father. When Castor was killed it is said that Pullux had begged his father Zeus to allow him the ability to share his immortality with his brother in order to keep them together. This is how they were transformed into the constellation Gemini.

There are a number of locations that are well known because of Castor and Pullux. Many of these locations have become interesting places of travel for those that want to learn more about the Gemini twins.

The Roman Forum is one of the main points of interest, when it comes to Castor and Pullux. Here you have the opportunity to visit and see the Temple of Castor and Pullux. There isn’t much left of The Castor and Pullux Temple aside from three of the Corinthian columns {widely known as the three sisters} that were rebuilt by Tiberius around the first century AD. They were built in order to replace the original set that had been a dedication to Castor and Pullux for helping with the defeat of Tarquins. Castor and Pullux are also the subjects of many different myths that are Greek, Roman and Etruscan origin. There is much to be learned about the Gemini twins when researching them.

This summer my husband and I will be going on a 14 day tour of Europe. This particular tour is called European Tapestry. We will be going to Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Monaco, and ending in France. On Day 8 we will be in Rome where we will have the pleasure of exploring The Roman Forum.

If a trip like this interests you and you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be more then happy to help you with your traveling inquiries.

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