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{Books Bought} – Here is a list of books that I recently purchased.
{01} – Attack of the Shadow Smashers by Troy Cummings {thriftbooks}
{02} – Rise of the Balloon Goons by Troy Cummings {thriftbooks}
{03} – Day of the Night Crawlers by Troy Cummings {thriftbooks}
{04} – Chomp of the Meat-Eating Vegetables by Troy Cummings {thriftbooks}
{05} – Whack of the P-Rex by Troy Cummings {thriftbooks}
{06} – Saving the Sun Dragon by Tracey West {thriftbooks}
{07} – Rise of the Earth Dragon by Tracey West {thriftbooks}
{08} – Secret of the Water Dragon by Tracey West {thriftbooks}
{09} – Pop of the Bumpy Mummy by Troy Cummings {thriftbooks}
{10} – Flurry of the Snombies by Troy Cummings {thriftbooks}
{11} – Power of the Fire Dragon by Tracey West {thriftbooks}
{12} – Charge of the Lightning Bugs by Troy Cummings {thriftbooks}
{13} – Flight of the Moon Dragon by Tracey West {thriftbooks}
{14} – Rumble of the Coaster Ghost by Troy Cummings {thriftbooks}
{15} – Snap of the Super-Goop by Troy Cummings {thriftbooks}
{16} – Sneeze of the Octo-Schnozz by Troy Cummings {thriftbooks}
{17} – Song of the Poison Dragon by Tracey West {thriftbooks}
{18} – Search for the Lightning Dragon by Tracey West {thriftbooks}
{19} – March of the Vanderpants by Troy Cummings {thriftbooks}
{20} – Roar of the Thunder Dragon by Tracey West {thriftbooks}
{21} – Chill of the Ice Dragon by Tracey West {thriftbooks}
{22} – Battle of the Boss-Monster by Troy Cummings {thriftbooks}

{Books Borrowed} – Here is a list of books I have recently borrowed.

{Books Received} – Here is a list of books I have recently received for reviewing purposes.