{Aftermath: Abigail Denver}

{Synopsis} –After waking from her coma, Hannah must deal with the absence of all the adults she had come to love. She and her new husband, Justin, must work together to rebuild their community and fight to keep everyone together as they struggle to find purpose in their lives after their losses. Will they beContinue Reading

{Dispair: Abigail Denver}

{Synopsis} –With Hannah in a coma, Justin must go on and deal with the potential invasion of their small community by a group of teenage rebels demanding food. Spirits all around are at an all-time low due to the deaths of over half of their people. The fate of their community rests in Justin’s hands,Continue Reading

{Pandemic: Abigail Denver}

{Synopsis} –In book three of the Chasing Destiny series, the first adult members of the community begin to fall ill, and the first adult dies. Hannah struggles with feelings of guilt, since she foresaw this day, and could do nothing to prevent it. A desperate group of youth from the nearby town reach the communityContinue Reading

{Foundations: Abigail Denver}

{Synopsis} –Seven years after they move to their new home in Idaho, it’s time to finish the wall that will close the community in for the next twenty years. Hannah and Justin need to find a way to keep the community from dwelling on their voluntary imprisonment and keep morale high as they make theirContinue Reading

{A New Home: Abigail Denver}

{Synopsis} –Twelve year old, Hannah is a normal girl, as far as anyone can see. She likes to swim and enjoys playing computer games. When she starts to have visions of the world ending, and how she can prevent it from happening, she doesn’t really want to prevent it. Why should she give up herContinue Reading