{Hush Little Baby: Caroline B. Cooney}

{Synopsis} – My ex-stepmother just handed me a baby, and she’s driving away. When Kit Innes’s estranged ex-stepmother, Dusty, unexpectedly drives up and pushes a large cloth-covered parcel into Kit’s arms, Kit doesn’t know what to expect. Especially when the bundle turns out to be a tiny, adorable baby. A tiny, adorable, mysterious baby boy.Continue Reading

{Wanted!: Caroline B. Cooney}

{Synopsis} –Falsely accused of her father’s murder, Alice is on the run for her life Alice is at home painting her fingernails and ruminating on her parent’s divorce when she receives an oddly desperate-sounding phone call from her father. He instructs her to drop what she’s doing, take his car, and bring two computer disksContinue Reading

{What Janie Found: Caroline B Cooney}

{Synopsis} – Janie’s two families appear to have made peace. Life seems almost normal. She’s even decided to speak to her former boyfriend, Reeve, again. But then Janie’s Connecticut father suffers a sudden stroke, and this tragedy leaves her mother reeling. Janie must step in to manage family finances and to support her mother emotionally.Continue Reading