{Gargoyle Hall: Angie Sage}

{Synopsis} – When Araminta throws cold water over her best friend, Wanda, to disperse a crowd of panicked bats, it s decided Araminta has been helpful one too many times, and she is packed off to boarding school. On arrival, Araminta is surprised to discover that Gargoyle Hall makes her home, Spook House, seems positivelyContinue Reading

{Ghostsitters: Angie Sage}

{Synopsis} – When Aunt Tabby and Uncle Drac head off to Transylvania, Araminta is upset — they’re going to be away on her birthday. However, when it turns out that her almost-grown-up cousin, Mathilda, will be babysitting, it seems things couldn’t get any better. But Mathilda’s brought along trouble: two rowdy teenage ghosts, Ned andContinue Reading

{Vampire Brat: Angie Sage}

{Synopsis} – Araminta thinks something horrible is hiding in the deep, hidden passages of Spookie House–could it be a werewolf? Add to that the arrival of Uncle Drac’s creepy nephew, Max, and Araminta knows things will never be the same. Max is Wanda’s new best friend, and Araminta finds him annoying. She comes up withContinue Reading

{Frognapped: Angie Sage}

{Synopsis} – When something’s amiss in Spookie House, there’s usually only one person to blame–Araminta. But this time she had nothing to do with the disappearance of Barry Wizzard’s frogs, and she is determined to find them. Of course, it’s not going to be that easy, especially when dealing with a crazy character named OldContinue Reading

{My Haunted House: Angie Sage}

{Synopsis} – Araminta Spookie lives in a wonderful old haunted house, but her crabby aunt Tabby wants to move. Aunt Tabby is determined to sell their house—Araminta “has” to stop her! With the help of a haunted suit of armor named Sir Horace, a ghost named Edmund, and a lot of imagination, Araminta hatches aContinue Reading