{Hide and Go Fetch: Kristin Earhart}

{Synopsis} – These puppies are magic! Henry and his sister have a bad case of sibling rivalry. But one thing currently unites them: their quest for a puppy. Their teamwork is rewarded with the gift of Boo, an adorable dalmatian from Power's Pets. But Boo is turning out to be an unusual dog. Like allContinue Reading

{Take a Bow-Wow: Kristin Earhart}

{Synopsis} – These puppies are magic! Sadie loves training her new poodle puppy to do tricks. They have such a good routine down that Sadie is inspired to enter the school talent show. As the night of the show gets closer, however, Sadie gets a bad case of stage fright. She's not sure she canContinue Reading

{Wag, You’re It!: Kristin Earhart}

{Synopsis} – These puppies are magic! Max is thrilled to be adopting a golden retriever from Power's Pets. He's wanted a dog forever– he can't believe it's finally happening! It couldn't come at a better time. A neighborhood boy has started teasing Max, and school hasn't been very fun. But Max is about to findContinue Reading