{Whatever Happened to Janie: Caroline B Cooney}Whatever Happened to Janie? by Caroline B. Cooney
Series: Janie Johnson Series
Published by Ember on September 01, 1994
Genres: Movie Adaptation, Mystery, Realistic Fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 217
Format: Paperback
Source: Store Bought
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{Synopsis} – No one ever paid attention to the faces of missing children on milk cartons. But as Janie Johnson glanced at the face of the little girl who had been taken twelve years ago, she recognized that little girl–it was herself.

The mystery of the kidnapping is unraveled, but the nightmare is not over. The Spring family wants justice, but who is to blame? It's difficult to figure out what's best for everyone.

Janie Johnson or Janie Spring? There's enough love for everyone, but how can the two separate families live happily ever after?

{My thoughts} – I really liked this book. This book was another quick read in my opinion. It picks up where the first lets off. The aftermath of the results to the first book. Janie is forced to go live with her biological family and with that she has to wait 3 months before she can talk to anyone from the family in which she was raised. She struggles with her identity wanting to make both families proud of her, then she wants revenge against her biological family because they took her away from her family and eventually they allow her to go back to her family knowing that they will not be able to keep her as a part of their family. That she has a family and they love her just like they love the children in their family. Janie near then end of the book actually puts forth the effort to do things with the biological family but then in the end turns against them and begs to go back home. I have to admit it is a sad story and for it being the second time I have read it – it made my cry in parts. It’s a nice read and I am sure anyone would enjoy it as a light reading addition.

Final Conclusion: 4 Star Rating.