{Michael Recyle and Bootleg Peg: Ellie Patterson}

{Michael Recyle and Bootleg Peg: Ellie Patterson}

{Synopsis} – It's the new installment of Michael Recycle! Our caped-clean-Earth-crusader is on the job and turning his attention to a new frontier-the high seas! Read along as Michael rights another environmental wrong in this colorful, fun book that's perfect for young readers.

{My thoughts} – This is a nice little pirate book. It is about how you shouldn’t over fish or there won’t be any fish left to repopulate or feed anyone else. Michael ends up going on a journey to find out why his favorite dining spot doesn’t have any fish to serve. He goes out to see and learns that a pirate named Bootleg Peg has been over fishing. He ends up gathering up some finned friends and they teach the pirate a lesson.

It’s good book and the illustrations go along well with the story. I also liked that it was written in poem form, the books written like this are usually the best in my opinion. Only when it comes to children’s books though. I just think they make more sense. This book would be a good addition to any child’s bookshelf as long as the child likes pirates and fish or one or the other.

I am unable to post this review to goodreads or amazon though because I can’t seem to locate it on either site.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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