{Snow White Lucks Out: Joan Holub: Suzanne Williams}

{Snow White Lucks Out: Joan Holub: Suzanne Williams}

{Synopsis} – Snow White might be jinxed — but at least she has the other grimmtastic girls to count on!
Once upon a time, in faraway Grimmlandia. . .
No matter how many lucky charms she wears, Snow White can't catch a break. She's especially worried that her stepmom, Ms. Wicked, is a member of the E.V.I.L. Society. Snow and her friends Red, Cinda, and Rapunzel are trying to stop E.V.I.L.'s plans to destroy Grimm Academy, but Snow seems to be jinxing all their efforts. Her luck might change if she can find her own truly magical charm — before it falls into E.V.I.L. hands!

{My thoughts} – Snow White what a lovely character. I truly enjoy reading about her, she’s just so so wonderful!

The girls are still following the clues they get from the mapestry to try and discover the hidden treasure. X marks the spot right? In this case yes and no. I am always entertained when reading these books.

We get to learn a lot more about Red, Snow, Rapunzel, Cinder, Wolfgang, and Ms. Wicked. These characters and this story blend together so nicely that it is almost like you are reading an original fairy-tale!

The objective in all of these books thus far is for the girls to attempt to find away to save their school and well all of Grimmlandia. Will they be able to? I suppose you’ll need to read the books to find out.

If you enjoy fairy-tales and retellings of classic tales, I am sure you will enjoy these books, I know I certainly do!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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