{Blood in the Water: C. Alexander London}

{Blood in the Water: C. Alexander London}

{Synopsis} – Based on a real military program! The US Navy's new breed of soldier is ready to make a big splash.

From the author of Dog Tags!

Navy SEALs are some of the most elite warriors in the world. Trained to operate in sea, land, and air, they work under cover of night to carry out the US military's most sensitive and difficult missions.

Cory McNab wanted to be a Navy SEAL, but he washed out of the program. Now he is a member of the Navy's Marine Mammals Program, where he is partnered with a search-and-recovery dolphin named Kaj.

Together, Cory and Kaj are the Navy's best hope when a US spy submarine is lost in enemy waters. With the help of Kaj's bio-sonar, they should be able to locate the submarine before its secrets fall into the wrong hands. But the mission gets complicated when a team of Navy SEALs runs into trouble. Can Cory succeed where his heroes have failed . . . or is he in too deep?

{My thoughts} – The U.S. Military is a wonderful, intriguing, and all around captivating subject matter. This book is based on the Navy Marine Mammal Program. This book is a complete work of fiction, however it has a ton of factual information about the program stuffed within its pages.

Cory is a a member of the Navy’s Marine Mammal Program. He had decided to join up after a life changing even had taken place. He is the caretaker of a wonderful dolphin named Kaj and together they make to very well trained partners. This book is about a Classified mission that the two of them partake in and if you want to know about the mission, the outcome and more about Cory and Kaj, I recommend you read this book.

I have always been intrigued by the military. I enjoy learning about its history and where it has come over the years. This is is not something I actually knew about and I found it very fascinating and amazing at the same time. I did know that dolphins were amazing creature capable of many things, but I didn’t know how much they were actually being used within the military. It’s astounding what you can learn by reading a book. Although the book is a work of fiction, in the back is some very factual information and websites that can help you learn more about the program if you are interested.

I do believe that this could be a wonderful book for any child that loves dolphins and or dreams of joining the U.S. Navy or both. I look forward to allowing my children the opportunity to read this book in the very near future. It’s well written, the story grabs a hold of you and its based on something very real!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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