{Just Five More Minutes: Marcy Brown & Dennis Haley}Just Five More Minutes by Dennis Haley, Marcy Brown
Published by Treasure Bay on June 1, 2008
Genres: Childrens
Pages: 44
Format: Hardcover
Source: Public Library
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{Synopsis} – It's Mark's bedtime, but he begs his mom for “just five more minutes”! When his five minutes are up, he keeps coming up with something new to do that will take him “just five more minutes.” Each new thing is more outlandish than the last, including teaching a dinosaur how to tie his shoes and brushing George Washingston's teeth on Mount Rushmore! He finally goes to sleep, but when his mother comes in to get him out of bed in the morning, he naturally asks for “just five more minutes”!

{My thoughts} – This book is designed for both parents and children to read together. The parents are meant to read the left page and the children the right side. You can easily tell because one side has far more reading then the other.

This book is about a little boy named Mark that doesn’t want to go to sleep. He asks his mom if he can stay up “just five more minutes.” When his time runs out he asks for “just five more minutes.” While he is awake his imagination runs wild and he goes on many adventures. He also has a really hard time understanding how five minutes goes so quickly. By the time he goes to sleep and wakes back up he wants, “just five more minutes,” of sleep.

As a parent I can relate to the mom in this story. I understand how hard it can be to get children to stay in bed. My children are always finding some excuse or another to get out of bed so that they don’t have to be in their rooms. Most the time it’s for a drink of water, or because they forgot hugs and kisses or they needed to go potty, my favorite is when they just have to tell me something that is so important and then they have to figure out what that important thing was. Children will be children, they are naturally curious and they feel they are going to miss out on something when they have to go to sleep, so they try and find a way to stay awake as long as possible.

I think this book is excellent for those parents that tend to have a difficult time getting their children to sleep. It could make a wonderful addition to the bedtime story line up!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.