{Honor Bound: C. Alexander London}

{Honor Bound: C. Alexander London}

{Synopsis} – Based on a real military program! The US Navy's new breed of soldier is ready to make a big splash.

An action-packed, maritime military adventure from the author of Dog Tags.

A notorious Somalian pirate sails the Arabian Sea, leading a band of deadly thieves and mercenaries on an international crime spree. When they take American hostages aboard a cargo ship, they've finally gone too far — and a special task force of Navy SEALs and Marines is called in to help. SEALs, Marines . . . and a talented sea lion named Sly.

As Sly's handler, young sailor Felix has two important jobs. Job one is to get Sly to plant a beacon so that the U.S. strike force can follow the pirates back to their haven. Job two is to keep the sea lion safe and out of combat. But when the mission goes wrong and the pirates get the upper hand, Felix and Sly end up right in the middle of the action . . . with dozens of innocent lives at stake.

{My thoughts} – Felix is Sly’s trainer in the US Navy’s Marine Mammal Program. Sly is a well trained Sea Lion that has a lot of potential. Felix is a trainer that is willing to stop at almost nothing to prove how well Sly has been trained and how useful their program is to the US Navy.

Felix and Sly are deployed on a mission to help catch some real live pirates that are hiding out in Somalia Seas. Sly has one purpose to put a tracker on the pirates skiff during their mission. The object of the tracker is to make it near to impossible for the pirates to get away with the hostages and hide from the US Navy.

The mission doesn’t exactly go the way it was planned to go. There is a lot of action, a lot of battle and a lot of re-evaluating of current situations. The question however, is, Sly successful? Are they able to track the pirates? Is the mission carried out from start to finish how they wanted it to be? What happens that makes them have to re-think their position in terms of the outcome of the mission? Do Felix and Sly live to partake in another mission in the future?

The whole time I was reading I kept having more and more questions running through my mind. I am rather pleased with this book as it lived up to the expectations that the first book had left me with. I think that any child that is interested in marine animals and or the military will find this book as well as the first in the series a very nice read. I look forward to seeing what my own son thinks about this book once I let him read it!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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