{First Grade Stinks: Mary Ann Rodman}First Grade Stinks! by Mary Ann Rodman
Published by Peachtree Publishers on June 29, 2006
Genres: Childrens
Pages: 32
Format: eBook
Source: Reading Rainbow App
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{Synopsis} – First-grader Haley wishes she were back having fun in kindergarten with her old teacher–until she finds out that first grade is special, too. Full color.

{My thoughts} – This book is about a little girl named Haley that is going through the transition from Kindergarten to First Grade. She has a difficult time adjusting and is constantly comparing her Kindergarten teacher to her First Grade teacher. She has a hard time with understanding how so many things can change in just one summer.

I can understand how it can be difficult for a young child to go through the early year transitions in school. School it a very different environment then what children are use to at home. They spend all year going through one grade and then the next year it changes and they aren’t ready to accept or deal with that change. Some understand that it needs to change and some just go with the flow where others want to hang back and decide if they like the change or not. Haley is the kind of child that hung back until she decided she was okay with the change.

This is a wonderful book that I think any child going from Kindergarten to First Grade would benefit from being read to or with. It helps children to see that the transition is normal and for some children that might be all they need to survive such a stepping stone in their educational careers.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.