{Flunked: Jen Calonita}

{Flunked: Jen Calonita}

{Synopsis} – Would you send a villain to do a hero's job? An exciting new twisted fairy tale series from award-winning author Jen Calonita.

Full of regret, Cinderella's wicked stepmother, Flora, has founded the Fairy Tale Reform School with the mission of turning the wicked and criminally mischievous into upstanding members of Enchantasia.

Impish, sassy 12-year-old Gilly has a history of petty theft and she's not too sorry about it. When she lifts a hair clip, she gets tossed in reform school-for at least three months. But when she meets fellow students Jax and Kayla, she learns there's more to this school than its sweet mission. There's a battle brewing and she starts to wonder: can a villain really change?

{My thoughts} – Gillian Cobbler is a twelve year-old girl that belongs to a rather big family that is living in a very small boot. Her father helps make shoes and she and her siblings attend trade school so that they too can learn the art of shoe making. However, it seems that even though her father has a decent job he isn’t bringing in enough money to help support the entire family. Because of this Gilly and her siblings are forced to go without things. One of those being a decent meal. Gilly decides that she will help by stealing things from the Royals. She does this by tricking them, or just vanishing when she grabs something and they aren’t paying attention.

Gilly has been caught stealing twice before and now with this latest left on account of her sisters birthday she is in some hot water. Gilly has been assigned to attend the Fairytale Reform School where she is suppose to learn how to be a better asset to the village in which they live. Here her bad behavior is suppose to be changed into a more positive experience and only one can hope that it can be a successful experience.

While she is there she ends up getting herself involved in some chaos that is taking place. Eventually it becomes apparent that it is going to be up to her and a few of her friends that she has made since arriving at the school to figure out what is going on. Once they figure things out they have to figure out a way to stop the chaos if it is necessary at the time. Eventually, she is given the opportunity to go home and she decides to stay. Why would someone want to stay in a reform school? I guess you will need to read the book to find out what happens, but I can promise you that you will enjoy it as much as I had.

This book was really nicely written and I enjoyed all the fairytale tie ins that it included. I am a true lover when it comes to any and all things fairytale related and am always trying to track down more books to read. I love the various different retellings that are available and always enjoy when an author releases another. I enjoyed this book as did my eleven year-old daughter. We read it together, which is why it took a bit longer for me to post a review. She asked me what I was reading after I’d read the first chapter and then asked if we could read it together. Awesome mommy moment. She was so engrossed in the book and asking questions. We can’t wait for book two to come out!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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