{K-9: Knightley and Son: Rohan Gavin}

{K-9: Knightley and Son: Rohan Gavin}

{Synopsis} – London's Youngest detective is back . . . Darkus Knightley, tweed-wearing, megabrained, fiercely logical thirteen-year-old investigator of the weird, was just getting used to having his private-eye dad back in his life. Then Alan Knightley went off radar again, leaving Darkus with the family mutt, a traumatized ex-police dog, as his only partner in crime-solving.

Now a mysterious canine conspiracy is howling for the attention of Knightley & Son. Shadowy trained hounds are attacking policemen at the full moon. Family pets are being mauled by a beast at a top London tourist spot. And two curiously alert canines seem to be watching Darkus's house. No one is using the word “werewolf”–yet–but it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to work out that someone or something sinister is messing with the minds of London's dog population. Will our intrepid father-son duo make it to the next full moon?

{My thoughts} – Darkus and Tilly are back and are both on another case that involves them attempting to get to the bottom of an odd occurrence. It appears that they have yet another situation that may or may not have to do with the likes of “the mysterious combination” that has seemingly become the solution to many of the problems taking place. There is also a new character added to the story a dog named Wilbur – he is a retired service dog that was a gift to Darkus from his father Alan.

This book is jammed packed with factual information from present and past. I enjoy reading the factual information. However, I had found it really difficult to want to stay focused on reading this book. I have picked it up and put it down so many times in the last few months that I have lost count. I have re-read the first two chapters just as many because I need to refresh myself and just couldn’t keep my attention on it.

I am glad to say that after the first five or so chapters the book picked up a lot and became a much more intriguing read for me. The last handful of chapters even more so. That gives you all something to look forward to should you decide to pursue reading it. It does get better.

I do believe that the first book was a far better read then this one, however, it is still none the less well written.

Final Conclusion: 4 Star Rating.


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