{Fairest of All: Sarah Mlynowski}Fairest of All by Sarah Mlynowski
Series: Whatever After
Published by Scholastic Press on May 1, 2012
Genres: Childrens, Fairy Tales, Middle School
Pages: 176
Format: Paperback
Source: Store Bought
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{Synopsis} – A fresh, modern spin on a classic fairy tale–from bestselling author Sarah Mlynowski!
Mirror, mirror, on the basement wall . . .

Once upon a time my brother and I were normal kids. The next minute? The mirror in our basement slurped us up and magically transported us inside Snow White's fairy tale.

I know it sounds crazy, but it's true.

But hey — we're heroes! We stopped Snow White from eating the poisoned apple. Hooray! Or not. If Snow White doesn't die, she won't get to meet her prince. And then she won't get her happy ending. Oops.

Now it's up to us to:
– Avoid getting poisoned
– Sneak into a castle
– Fix Snow White's story
And then, fingers crossed, find our way home.

{My thoughts} – Abby and Jonah are two very interesting, yet charming siblings. They have a wonderful dynamic that helps to make them out to be funny and attention grabbing. This story begins with Jonah waking Abby in the middle of the night complaining that the mirror in the basement is making noises and changing colors. She although she is scared goes with him o the basement to investigate his claims. It turns out that the mirror is magic and it transports them into another world.

The mirror seemingly takes them and drops them smack dab in the middle of Snow White’s fairy tale. If you know me, you know I enjoy reading fairy tale retellings and this book is one of the better have have come across for children. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series and seeing the personality of the children develope throughout the stories. I am also interested in seeing how creative she gets with re-writing the stories. This first one was a job well done, I hope that the author can continue to exceed my expectations in future books.

I really enjoyed reading this book and now I understand why my daughter loves this series so much. In fact my daughter is currently reading book five and I am playing catch up, she started them in school last year. It is really hard finding books for her to read that she is interested in because she struggles with reading, but she really gets into these books and enjoys them and as long as we can keep finding books that hold her interest I am going to keep buying them, reviewing them and sharing them with others. I figure if my kid can enjoy it, I am sure some other parents will be grateful to know that they exist in case they want to try them with their kid. I highly recommend for the reluctant reader.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.