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{Athena the Wise: Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams}Athena the Wise by Joan Holub, Suzanne Williams
Series: Goddess Girls
Published by Aladdin on April 5, 2011
Genres: Childrens, Greek Mythology, Middle School
Pages: 246
Format: Paperback
Source: Read for Review
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{Synopsis} – These classic myths from the Greek pantheon are given a modern twist that contemporary tweens can relate to, from dealing with bullies like Medusa to a first crush on an unlikely boy. Goddess Girls follows four goddesses-in-training – Athena, Persephone, Aphrodite, and Artemis – as they navigate the ins and outs of divine social life at Mount Olympus Academy, where the most priviledged gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon hone their mythical skills.

In book 5, Principal Zeus asks Athena to help Heracles (aka Hercules in the Roman pantheon) complete his twelve labors. But when Heracles starts borrowing Athena's friends things without asking, will she be able to help him set things straight?

{My thoughts} – Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a new kid at school. In this book Hercules is the new kid and he is only there on a trial basis. It appears that Principal Zues has set Hercules up with a list of twelve favors that had been created by Hercules cousin. Hercules must complete all twelve favors in order to be able to remain at MOA. When Zues figures out that the favors aren’t going to be as simple as he’d assumed and that Hercules tends to be a bit of a hothead he asks his sweet daughter Athena to help, guide and look after Hercules.

Athena isn’t so sure at first why it is so important to Principal Zues, but she does what is asked of her because she knows it’s the right things to do. Athena takes this side project to heart after she learns, that Hercules has to complete twelve tasks assigned by his cousin in one weeks time. If he can’t complete the tasks he can’t stay at MOA. Can Athena help Hercules complete the tasks? Do the two of them work well together? Do the two of them learn to like each other? Is Hercules able to stay at the school?

How often do you think the new kids in school feel out of place? How often do you think they have a lot on their minds and don’t know how to handle all the new obstacles being thrown in their direction? How often do you think that they might just want to know, even though things aren’t great, that they still have a friend?

This book makes you think of quite a few things while reading it and I enjoyed every moment I was lost within it’s pages. I cannot wait to start book six in the near future!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.