{Bad Hair Day: Sarah Mlynowski}Bad Hair Day by Sarah Mlynowski
Series: Whatever After
Published by Scholastic Press on April 29, 2014
Genres: Childrens, Fairy Tales, Middle School
Pages: 176
Format: Hardcover
Source: Store Bought
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{Synopsis} – After a tough day at school, I am NOT in a good mood. The perfect pick-me-up? A trip through our magic mirror! When my brother and I — plus our new dog — end up in the story of Rapunzel, we can't resist climbing her hair. Oh no! Her smooth locks suddenly look like they've been attacked by a cheese grater. Maybe a trim will help…Snip, snip. SNIP. Oops. Now Rapunzel's hair is too short and we're trapped!

So we have to:
-Find the tower's secret door
-Avoid getting swallowed by a giant spider
-Locate Pickles (aka the prince)
-Reunite Rapunzel with her parents

If we don't untangle this knotty tale soon, we could be stuck in this mess for good!

{My thoughts} – This book starts out with Abby having a difficult time accepting that she hadn’t won first place in her schools spelling bee. Jonah decides that he is going to try and cheer her up by proposing they travel through the mirror at midnight. She says no and he says yes. Eventually midnight rolls around and he wakes her up and more or less tricks him into joining him. Only this time it isn’t just them that travel through the mirror. It is also their dog Prince.

In this story they end up in Rapunzel’s fairy tale and while there of course they mess everything up. They also help to make things better at the same time. I think that the changes they make while in these fairy tales are some of the most original changes that I have seen done to some of these tales.

I have grown to love Abby and her blunt tell it like it is attitude although in the first few books: she truly annoyed me. I have also come to love Jonah more and more for his innocence. Which you get to see time and time again while you read these tales.

Life isn’t always easy and these books show you that, that is okay. That you can make good come out of bad. That all you have to do is put some thought towards the dilemma that you are facing and that things can change for the better and not always stay bad. These books are all about showing you that out of a bad situation can come a good outcome and that is one of the things that I love most about this series.

I can’t wait to start the next book in the series and I have come to understand why my daughter loves it so much. This was one of the series that she had wanted for Christmas last year, and although she get it way after the fact she has already devoured all the currently published books and I understand why. They are entertaining. They are amusing. They are different. They help to teach you things without you realizing it.

I highly recommend these books for anyone that loves fairy tales. I also think that anyone that may be interested in seeing a different outcome to the tales that has already been shared, will enjoy them. They are well worth the time to read and I believe that nearly anyone can fall in love with them.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.