{Never Race a Runaway Pumpkin: Katherine Applegate}Never Race a Runaway Pumpkin by Katherine Applegate
Series: Roscoe Riley Rules
Published by HarperColllinsChildrens on August 25, 2009
Genres: Childrens, Realistic Fiction
Pages: 96
Format: Paperback
Source: Store Bought
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{Synopsis} – Roscoe Riley doesn't mean to break the ruless

Never Race a Ranaway Pumpkin

Pumpkin Contest

If Roscoe guesses the weight of a giant pumpkin, he'll be a winner! Easy, right? But a little black cat keeps trying to cross his path! Will the bad-luck kitty ruin Roscoe's chance to win?

{My thoughts} – In this last book Roscoe ends up in time out for not being honest to his sister and his parents. It’s about a pumpkin weight guessing contest at the local book store. While they are there his sister finds a kitten. His sister really wants the kitten but he tells her he overheard someone saying the kitten already had a home and of coarse that wasn’t the truth and he ended up getting into trouble.

This is the last book in the series as far as I know. I really enjoyed reading them, they are short beginner readers that are fairly entertaining to younger children. They are mostly geared towards boys and remind me of the Junie B. Jones series that is geared towards girls in the same age group.

I highly recommend this book for any child that is having a difficult time engaging in the book world. It has a nice lesson about following the rules and it has humor, which makes for a nice read.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.