{Once Upon a Frog: Sarah Mlynowski}Once Upon a Frog by Sarah Mlynowski
Series: Whatever After
Published by Scholastic Press on December 22, 2015
Genres: Childrens, Fairy Tales, Middle School
Pages: 176
Format: Hardcover
Source: Store Bought
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{Synopsis} – Ribbit ribbit! Siblings Abby and Jonah are in for a surprise when the magic mirror in their basement pulls them into the classic story of The Frog Prince. Abby knows how the tale goes: the princess kisses the frog, and he transforms into a handsome prince. Right? WRONG. Turns out the princess is spoiled and mean, and wants nothing to do with the kindly little frog. It's up to Abby and Jonah to help their new friend, the frog, while also making sure the story doesn't spin out of control. But things are never easy when you're fracturing fairy tales!

{My thoughts} – Abby and Jonah once again get to go on a fun adventure to Fairytale Land. In this book Mary Rose takes them to the Tale about The Frog Prince. While they are there they learn somethings about Mary Rose and about The Frog Prince that they wouldn’t have otherwise known had they not been able to go into that Fairytale.

Abby is the sibling that enjoys the Fairytales. She use to listen to her Grandma when she read them to her and her brother when they were younger. Now that she is older she has been re-reading them so that she and Jonah can be better prepared when they are pulled into the different Fairytales. Jonah on the other hand only likes to play and goof off but he is a little kid so that’s typical of his age.

Whenever they are pulled into a new Fairytale they both assess the situation and then they determine which Fairytale they are in. Once they figure that out they try to figure out how they can best not interrupt the story and allow it to play out the way it should, but that doesn’t seem to happen. They always end up messing the story line up and they end up changing it.

In this particular Tale they think they are suppose to help the The Frog Prince turn back into a human so they attempt to help him and the Princess meet and connect. Eventually they learn that is only a part of what they were suppose to do and that Mary Rose had other plans for them and that is why they’d been sent into this particular Tale.

I highly recommend this series for any child that enjoys fairytales. It is a nice series that shows that the old original fairytales are worth knowing. It is also a series that allows children to use their imaginations when it comes to understanding that magically things can happen in somewhat unexpected ways. I always enjoy learning the new ways in which Abby and Jonah build their sibling relationship and how they always seem to enjoy their adventures together. To me that makes it all the more fun to read and I believe that children will feel the same way. I know that my daughter really enjoys these books and sometimes it is really hard to get her to read so when a new one of these comes out she is always up for the read. These books are engaging and they suck you right into the pages.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.