{Snowflake Freezes Up: Joan Holub: Suzanne Williams}

{Synopsis} – Snowflake isn’t sure which fairy tale character she is. But with her magical powers causing lots of trouble, she’s definitely on thin ice! So just in case she might be a villain, Snowflake is chilly to her classmates. Can she keep her cool until she knows her whole story, or will her social life at Grimm Academy be permanently frozen?

{My thoughts} – Snowflake is a new student attending GA. She has been spending much of her free time in the library in an attempt to try and figure out which nursery rhyme or fairytale belongs to her. She has come across a few that appear to fit her, but she isn’t sure if they are really her story or not.

In the last book Ms Wicked was eliminated from the scene and because of that a lot of students found themselves without a teacher for some of their classes. Since they don’t have a teacher to take over all those students were sent to drama class. Snowflake isn’t a fan of drama since she has been trying to keep her head down and nose clean. She decided she didn’t want to make any friends because she was afraid of hurting others.

She ends up in making a couple of friends in the most unusual ways. She also does learn just who she is and which tale or nursery rhyme belongs to her. The question we are left with is: Is she good or evil? I suppose the only way to find out is to read the books.

I enjoyed reading this story as much as I have the previous ones in the series. I read this one out loud to my baby and she seemed to be an instant fan. She loves being read to, I am hoping to turn her into a book worm. Only time will tell. I think any child that enjoys fairy tales and doesn’t mind having the stories told to them in a different way will enjoy this book and or series. I know that my oldest loves fairy tales and has enjoyed reading these books as well.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.






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