{Louie Makes a Splash!: Rachel Hamilton}

{Louie Makes a Splash!: Rachel Hamilton}

{Synopsis} – Louie the Unicorn is a star! At least, he will be once he polishes his act at performing arts school. With a song in his heart, a spring in his step, and an unwaveringly sunny outlook, he’s about to take the big city by storm. It’s time for this unicorn to shine!

Louie’s friend Miranda, a mermaid with a beautiful singing voice, is the talk of the town. Her face is on posters, her tail is on T-shirts, and her name is up in lights. But when fame goes to her head, it’s up to Louie to remind her who her friends really are.

{My thoughts} –Louis mermaid friend Miranda gets her chance at stardom in this book. At first she handles everything wonderfully and allows her friends to take part in everything. Towards the end though she starts letting it all go to her head and begins pushing her friends away.

I really liked this book because it helps to show the reader that true friends will always be there for you. It also shows that some friendships are worth fighting for and saving, regardless the reason of conflict.

I recommend this book for anyone that enjoys fantasy type books. I also, think that it’s a great addition to the series and a fun and fast read.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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