{Rapunzel: The One with All the Hair: Wendy Mass}

{Rapunzel: The One with All the Hair: Wendy Mass}

{Synopsis} – apunzel is having the ultimate bad day. She’s been stolen by a witch, may have a ghost for a roommate, and doesn’t even have a decent brush for her hair.

Prince Benjamin’s got it pretty tough, too. His father wants him to be more kingly, his mother wants him to never leave her sight, and his cousin wants to get him into as much trouble as possible (possibly with a troll).

Both Rapunzel and Prince Benjamin are trapped–in very different ways. Once their paths cross, well, that’s when things get really strange.

Journey back to the days when fairy tales were true with this fun and fresh spin on a timeless tale!

{My thoughts} – Rapunzel is a sweet 12 year-old girl that is excited to get her birthday haircut. However, instead of being able to celebrate her birthday with her mom and dad her world ends up being turned completely upside down. By following along the premise of the original story, Rapunzel’s dad had promised her to a witch in return for the herb in which his wife had been craving that was growing in the witch’s garden.

When the witch collects her debt and takes the girl she only allows her a few meager possessions and then locks her up in the tower away from everything she had ever known. She has a keeper there for her that is able to go in and out undetected. That keeper prepares her food and more or less guards her. He too was forced to pay a debt in which the witch had decided to collect on.

One day Rapunzel is singing a song and a Prince happens to hear it. He follows the sound of her singing until he comes upon the tower in which she is being held. The two of them come up with a plan in which they will attempt to break her out of the tower. On the day they are finally going to put their plan into action Rapunzel says the wrong thing and the witch hears it. The witch ends up getting furious with Rapunzel. She then takes her from the tower and throws her out in the middle of the woods to make her fend for herself. The problem after that is that neither the Prince nor Rapunzel know where they other is and they both feel really bad about it.

If you’d like to know what happens you’ll need to read the book. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I found it to be a brilliant retelling. I always love to read other writers spins on classic stories. Wendy Mass definitely has a knack for spinning a classing tale into a modern story.

I recommend this book for any child that enjoys fairytales. I strongly believe that they will enjoy reading about Rapunzel and the Prince. It’s a well written retelling that doesn’t take much time at all to read through. I look forward to reading the rest of the series in the future.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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