{Cake Pop Crush: Suzanne Nelson}

{Synopsis} – Alicia’s dad has run ‘Say It With Flour’, a small bakery with a loyal following, for years. They have to find ways to bring in new customers, especial after Perk Up, a big chain coffee and pastry shop, opens across the street. To make a bad matter worse, Dane, the cute new boy at school is the son of Perk Up’s CEO. She should hate him…but he’s really sort of sweet. How’s a girl supposed to deal? Ali begins to create incredible cake pops using her deceased mom’s cookbook.

{My thoughts} – “Say It With Flour” is a small family run bakery that is located in the small town in which Alicia lives. Her dad runs the place and she and her Grandmother and friends help out. Her family has owned the small bakery for a very long time.

A new bakery like place called “Perk-Up” moves into town and is a part of a mass chain of places. The son of the owner Dane seems to be stealing idea from “Say It With Flour” or more specifically Alicia. Alicia keeps trying to come up with new ways to save her families bakery from having to close the doors.

I really enjoyed this book. It helps to show children that hard work and persistence can lead to a really good outcome. That you have to be willing to work a lot in order to succeed and that not everything is always going to be handed to you. I really think that in todays society most children think that everything should be handed to them and that they shouldn’t have to work for anything. This book helps to show that you have to work hard in order to succeed and it’s a great lesson for any child to learn.

This book also shows that you shouldn’t judge a person without fully getting to know them. I Think that happens all to often these days. People would rather see the worst in someone, rather then get to know someone for how wonderful they can be.

This book will make a great addition to any child’s bookshelf.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.






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