{Donut Go Breaking My Heart: Suzanne Nelson}

{Synopsis} – Sheyda is a behind-the-scenes girl. She loves helping out in the kitchen of Doughlicious, the New York City donut shop run by the parents of her best friend Kiri. And Sheyda loves designing stage sets while Kiri performs in the spotlight.

Then lights, camera… surprise! Tween heartthrob Cabe Sadler is filming his next big movie in Doughlicious! Kiri is sure this will lead to stardom… and perhaps even a date with Cabe. But somehow it’s Sheyda who gets to picked for a small part in the movie.

To make matters worse, Cabe is spoiled and rude. Too bad he’s so cute. Can Sheyda overcome her stage fright to get to know the real Cabe… and find her own kind of stardom?

{My thoughts} – Sheyda is definitely the kind of character in a book I’d love for my own children to idolize. I think she is brilliantly written and because of that, I absolutely loved reading this book. She’s this sweet awkward girl that has to discover who she is before she can become who she really is deep down inside. She’s a people pleaser and extremely shy when it comes to needing to speak her mind. She does everything she can to lessen the burden of parenting on her parents since her sister chooses to be a rebel and cause a lot of trouble on a regular basis. She lets people more or less walk all over her throughout most of the book, but eventually she finds her voice.

The part where she finds her voice is what I think makes her an incredible role model for children. She shows that just because she is able to make it through day upon day trying to make sure everyone is happy but herself, doesn’t mean that she isn’t hurting inside, it doesn’t mean that things don’t bother her, and it doesn’t mean that she isn’t overwhelmed. Eventually, once she finds her voice she makes all these things known and she does it in such a way that it just leaves you thinking how incredibly awesome she is for all she does.

Her best friend isn’t really much of a best friend through most of the book. It eventually comes down to friendship or a boy. Which direction does it go? I don’t know, it looks like you’ll need to read the book to find out. The boy in question is Cabe, he’s a teen heartthrob and he is shooting a new movie at the donut shop that both girls work. Does he have the power to break or save the friendship between these two girls?

I really liked reading this book. It was a light read and it was a fun read at the same time. I really thank that any young twee/ teen would be able to enjoy this book and that it would make a great addition to their bookshelf.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.






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