{Jumper: Jeff Laferney}

{Jumper: Jeff Laferney}

{Synopsis} –After spending three years in jail and others completely alone, twenty-four-year-old Cole Flint discovers an amazing ability—he can time-travel and teleport. He’s a jumper. So what should the motorcycle-riding, cage-fighting tough guy do? He should protect an innocent eighteen-year-old girl who happens to be in possession of the Staff of Moses. Following the direction of a trio of angels who are determined to shake things up in the Middle East, Cole pairs up with Hannah Carpenter and her pet grizzly while he also tries to change his past and learn the mystery of his birth. Curiously, the King of Jordan knows all about Hannah, and he’s determined to gain possession of the staff. He’ll do anything to possess its power, but is it possible that he’s no more than a pawn, manipulated in time along with Cole and Hannah? Jumper is a mysterious roller coaster of action and a time-traveling adventure that will keep readers guessing right to the very last page.

{My Thoughts} – This books basis is about the ability to time travel. There are three angels that help to shape the course of the future and two main characters Hannah and Cole that are selected to help with the process. This book covers sadness, regret, happiness, loss, love and numerous other emotions. This is a rather fast read and very difficult to put down once you finish chapter one. I wanted to know more and more and just kept reading and then when I reached the end I was wowed! I wasn’t expecting the book to take all the twists and turns it had, but it was all interwoven so nicely that it was easy to keep up with what was happening and when within the book. The ending was not what I expected but was spectacularly written.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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