I received this book for free from Merit Press, Simon Pulse in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

{Wanted – Dead or in Love: Kym Brunner}Wanted - Dead or in Love by Kym Brunner
Published by Merit Press, Simon Pulse on June 30, 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Paranormal, Young Adult
Pages: 288
Format: Hardcover
Source: Merit Press, Simon Pulse
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{Synopsis} –Eighteen-year-old Monroe (named for Marilyn) is smart, but she's outsmarted herself. She's got a full-ride scholarship…and now, an arrest record. One more black mark and she'll be waiting tables for life.

The fact that she's grown up with crime memorabilia in her very molecules doesn't help. Her special fascination has always been with outlaw lovers Bonnie and Clyde, whom Monroe romanticizes as something other than the cold-blooded killers they were. Monroe, however, is full of good intentions, until her dad hands her some relics—poetry written by Bonnie Parker and bullets taken from the bodies of the outlaws after they died in a shootout. That's when things get really strange.

Those murderous slugs prove pretty dangerous to Monroe and her new friend, Jack, as well, who suddenly begin to feel that the spirits Bonnie and Clyde are actually taking over their personalities. But that's impossible.

Or is it?

{My Thoughts} – Bonnie and Clyde back from the beyond, who would have thought that it was possible? I have to say that books never seize to amaze me in their ability to pull me in and take me on a fun roller coaster ride into a fictional environment.

Monroe is this sweet sort of anti-social girl that works for her dad at his dinner theater called the Clip Joint. This place sounds amazing in the book. I’d love to work their myself. It is described as having lots of old gangster paraphernalia on the walls as decoration that Monroe’s dad has collected from various auctions he has attended. The most recent to his collection is a set of five bullets that were said to have been pulled out of the dead bodies of Bonnie and Clyde and a poem that Bonnie had written while she was in prison.

Monroe’s dad shows these things to her and gives her the poem as a gift. However, when he leaves the room she takes a few of the bullets out of their case and then manages to become infected by Bonnie’s presence. “Is it possible for the brain to cough out words and phrases on it’s own? Unless somehow when I cut myself…. no. That’s stupid Bonnie Parker is not in my head.” As much as she wanted to believe that she was just losing her mind and all that wasn’t the case. Later on that night she goes to a party with a co-worker where she meets Jack. Jack hits on her, flirts with her and makes small talk, but he isn’t appealing enough to her that she wants to have anything to do with him. It turns out that she ends up showing him the bullets that she took from her dad as a way to try and get rid of him, however instead he becomes infected by Clyde. They end up having to leave the party in a rush and because the police are there to break it up and he runs and leaves her behind. She catches up to him and the go to a local McDonald’s where they meet Milo.

Milo becomes somewhat possessed by I’m not sure what to call it and he tells Monroe that it is important that she listen to him and heed his warnings. After the trance passes he takes off scared out of his mind. — If you would like to know the rest you really need to read the book. It’s amazing!

I really enjoyed how well written this book was. I understand how it can become a jumble of a mess when switching between characters and having more then one person talk from the same persons mouth and all. This author did a spectacular job, you always knew who was talking and when and it wasn’t confusing at all. I liked how the personalities of Bonnie and Monroe were so incredibly different that there was no way you couldn’t know who was who even though a majority of Bonnie’s speaking was in italics. I also liked how you could tell how different Jack and Clyde were as well.

Jack and Clyde were an interesting pair, neither could communicate with one another and they only had the ability to see what the other was doing. They couldn’t hear anything at all. But when they swapped places they were able to take complete control over Jacks body. Jack decided he didn’t like Monroe like he thought he had and Clyde wanted Monroe to feel as if she was the girl for him. Bonnie on the other hand had other plans for all of them.

Monroe and Bonnie were able to speak in Monroe’s head and if Monroe Touched Clyde Bonnie could speak though Monroe’s mouth. Monroe didn’t care for Jack either but seemed to be falling for Clyde however, it was unclear through most of the book if it was for show or if she really had fallen for him. If you want to know read the book. I said that already didn’t I?

I loved how the book relayed information about Bonnie and Clyde, their family, the crimes the committed and more. I also couldn’t believe how quick of a read it was. I felt like I had just started the book and then it was done. It is very fast paced and just well amazing. I think anyone that reads it will fall in love with it just like I did!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.