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This book may be unsuitable for people under 14 years of age due to its use of language, mental illness, sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
{The Tate Chronicles Omnibus: K.A. Last}The Tate Chronicles Omnibus by K.A. Last
Series: The Tate Chronicles
Published by Amazon Digital Services on January 30, 2017
Genres: Romance, Supernatural, Young Adult
Pages: 806
Format: eBook
Source: Read for Review
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{Synopsis} – Is love really worth the fall?

The entire series is now together in one volume, and contains EXCLUSIVE CONTENT.

The Tate Chronicles Omnibus:
– 0.5 Sacrifice – A Fall For Me Prequel (novella)
– 0.6 Bound (bonus scene)
– 1.0 Fall For Me (full length novel)
– 1.5 Suffering (bonus scene – please see the note below)
– 2.0 Fight For Me (full length novel)
– 3.0 Die For Me (full length novel)

{My thoughts} – {date entire series completed} – {Incomplete}

– {Book 0.5: Sacrifice} – {06.17.2013} – This book helps to better explain the history between Seth and Grace. I have to admit it wasn’t what I had expected, however it did live up to my expectations. It is a well written book that covers grief, happiness, sadness, love, acceptance and much more. I really enjoyed this book because the entire time I had been reading {Fall For Me} I had been curious as to how the characters had gotten to the point in which they knew each other but had a dislike for one another and I wanted to know more about the history as to why that had been the case. This is a nice quick read and well worth it if you want to better understand the series.

– {Book 0.6: Bound} – {01.08.2015} – I think that this is an excellent bonus scene to the series. Seth is an amazing character and this helps to show more of his soft side for Grace. It’s amazing what some individuals will do in the name of love. This little short shows that Seth will do whatever he can to prove that he loves Grace and that they are meant to be together. The real question is, does his choice he makes, help his situation or make it worse? Only time will tell.

If you enjoyed Sacrifice and Fall for Me, there is no doubt you will enjoy this little step back into Seth and Grace’s past.

– {Book 1.0: Fall For Me} – {02.25.2013} – I enjoyed this book far more then I thought I was going to. {k. a. last} is a memorable writer in my honest opinion. The characters each have their own individuality. I could easily imagine who was talking and when throughout the dialogue.

{Grace} – She’s a very strong willed girl that isn’t afraid to voice her opinion and stand up for what she believes in no matter what the ending consequence may be. She is determined and nothing seems to get in her way, let it be a higher power or her closest friends and relatives.

{Archer} – He is {grace’s} twin brother and together they share a unique history but both stand up for the same things. They have the same beliefs and even when they disagree they still take each other’s side.

{Josh} – He is an interesting character. He seems to be shy but in reality he isn’t and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind either. He makes some errors in judgment which may cost him what he really wants, but in the end I still have hope things might work out for him. He’s one of those good guys gone bad types.

{Seth} – I have to admit he is one tough guy. He is loyal to his beliefs and doesn’t give up on something when he has it in his head it’s what he really wants. He will protect and remain loyal to those that he believes to be on the same side as he is. He isn’t out to hurt anyone and he only wants to do what he believes is right, but sometimes he like most normal people seems to have a lapse of judgment.

After reading this book, I have to admit I am all for {josh} being the one to take over and be the hero. I think the series is kind of set up to be that way at this point, because he isn’t where he was in the beginning, he isn’t on top of the world so to speak any more. However, the more I think about it I am more of a team {seth} kind of girl! I look forward to reading the next book in the series when it comes out!

– {Book 1.5: Suffering} – {date} –
– {Book 2.0: Fight For Me} – {date} –
– {Book 3.0: Die For Me} – {date} –

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