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{Avoidables 2: Rachel Medhurst}Avoidables 2 by Rachel Medhurst
Series: Avoidables
Published by Amazon Digital Services on August 2, 2014
Genres: Dystopian, Fantasy, Supernatural, Young Adult
Pages: 87
Format: eBook
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{Synopsis} – Purple's War

Being a dragon half breed Avoidable is hard work. One best friend has been kidnapped and the other is in the Perfect prison for bombing the compound. How could I rescue them both?

All my life I've believed that love was useless. I believed that I was useless. Until I became a warrior. The rebels are not what I thought they were. They're trying to unite with the Perfects as much as we are. They're just a bit better at making things happen. Going to their camp was a risk, but I had to find Hope. Not only did I find my best friend, I found a lot more. Friends, family, and could I finally believe in it…love?

{My Thoughts} – In this addition to the series, we get a chance to get to know more about Purple. It begins with him attempting to rescue Hope, but eventually he learns that isn’t needed. That she isn’t being treated poorly and that she is happy with where she is with the Rebel Camp. He also learns that she intends to stay with the Rebels and help them.

Purple seems to be going through an inner battle in this portion of the series. He isn’t sure who he really is on the inside. He isn’t sure what it is that he really wants. He also is learning that it is harder and harder to walk away from certain women because some have the power to put his sense in overdrive and cloud his thought process.

Hope on the other hand is dealing with her own inner battle when it comes to her love life. She isn’t sure who she wants to be with. She isn’t sure what she should believe. She isn’t sure if trusting her heart with the possibility of being hurt in the long run is a wise choice.

The main focus of this portion is to work up towards the trial for Sander. She is another avoidable. She is a member of the Rebel Camp and she apparently bombed a building in the Perfects side of town. It turns out that Purple and Hope are suppose to be on the Jury and it is up to them to sway the jury not to convict. Which considering they are going to be the only two avoidables on the jury. I do believe that they have their work cut out for them.

I can’t wait to read the third part to this story and see what happens!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.