I received this book for free from Merit Press, Simon Pulse in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

{Half in Love With Death: Emily Ross}Half in Love With Death by Emily Ross
Published by Merit Press, Simon Pulse on December 16, 2015
Genres: Historical Fiction, Mystery, Realistic Fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 224
Format: Hardcover
Source: Merit Press, Simon Pulse
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{Synopsis} – It's the era of peace and love in the 1960s, but nothing is peaceful in Caroline's life. Since her beautiful older sister disappeared, fifteen-year-old Caroline might as well have disappeared too. She's invisible to her parents, who can't stop blaming each other. The police keep following up on leads even Caroline knows are foolish. The only one who seems to care about her is Tony, her sister's older boyfriend, who soothes Caroline's desperate heart every time he turns his magical blue eyes on her.

Tony is convinced that the answer to Jess's disappearance is in California, the land of endless summer, among the street culture of runaways and flower children. Come with me, Tony says to Caroline, and we'll find her together. Tony is so loving, and all he cares about is bringing Jess home. And so Caroline follows, and closes a door behind her that may never open again, in a heartfelt thriller that never lets up.

{My Thoughts} – Caroline is the main character in this book. The story revolves around her for the most part and a neighborhood mishap named Tony.

The story begins with Caroline’s sister Jess slipping out the window to go meet Tony. This occurs after their father had forbidden them to go anywhere that night. Jess asked Caroline to cover for her and never came back. There were a lot of rumors spread about the where abouts of Jess at this point, but the police couldn’t find anything that was helpful to the case.

Caroline then befriends Tony in a sense or he befriends her. I am not sure which and they decide to try and find Jess together. Caroline wants to believe everything that Tony tells her but eventually she starts to see inconsistencies in the things he says.

What is Tony’s deal with Caroline? What happened to Jess that night? Why are the police having such a hard time learning what happened the night that Jess vanished? Does anyone really know what happened to Jess?

There are so many questions that you will be asking yourself while reading this book, above is just a few of them. I really enjoyed this book a lot, but I do wish that it had a little more closure, I feel a few ends were still left untied.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.