This book may be unsuitable for people under 14 years of age due to its use of language, mental illness, sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
{The Big Book of Serial Killers: 150 Serial Killer Files of the World’s Worst Murderers: Jack Rosewood & Rebecca Lo}The Big Book of Serial Killers: 150 Serial Killer Files of the World's Worst Murderers by Jack Rosewood, Rebecca Lo
Series: An Encyclopedia of Serial Killers
Published by Amazon Digital Services on June 10, 2017
Genres: Historical Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction, True Crime
Pages: 417
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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{Synopsis} – There is little more terrifying than those who hunt, stalk and snatch their prey under the cloak of darkness. These hunters search not for animals, but for the touch, taste, and empowerment of human flesh. They are cannibals, vampires and monsters, and they walk among us.

These serial killers are not mythical beasts with horns and shaggy hair. They are people living among society, going about their day to day activities until nightfall. They are the Dennis Rader’s, the fathers, husbands, church going members of the community.

This A-Z encyclopedia of 150 serial killers is the ideal reference book. Included are the most famous true crime serial killers, like Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, and Richard Ramirez, and not to mention the women who kill, such as Aileen Wuornos and Martha Rendell. There are also lesser known serial killers, covering many countries around the world, so the range is broad.

Each of the serial killer files includes information on when and how they killed the victims, the background of each killer, or the suspects in some cases such as the Zodiac killer, their trials and punishments. For some there are chilling quotes by the killers themselves. The Big Book of Serial Killers is an easy to follow collection of information on the world’s most heinous murderers.

{My thoughts} – This book took me awhile to get through. Many of the crimes committed weren’t detailed, but some were, and those that were in many cases were difficult to stomach.

It breaks my heart to know that the human race is capable of doing such horrible things to one another. It also saddens me to learn that despite knowing and understanding they were doing horrible things that most had zero remorse.

I’m well aware that there are plenty more serial killers out there. That many haven’t been caught or have simple vanished from the scene. However, that doesn’t make it any easy to accept that people can do such terrible things to one another.

I’ve always been intrigued by the criminal mind. I’m a huge fan of nearly every law show because they intrigue me. I’ve yet to understand how people can do the things they do though. I’ve often wondered if those that write about or create TV scripts are secretly serial killers pulling the wool over fans and viewers eyes. Some of the fiction I’ve read, some of the shows I’ve watched, it’s just so out there in terms of what killers are capable of. It’s scary to think of the things the human mind can concoct let it be real or make believe.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.