{Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose: Candace Cameron Bure}Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose by Candace Cameron Bure
Published by B&H Books on January 1, 2014
Genres: Autobiography, Biography, Non-Fiction
Pages: 243
Format: eBook
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{Synopsis} – “How do you do it all?”

That’s the question that wife, mom, actress, and best-selling author Candace Cameron Bure is often asked. And it’s a question that women everywhere are asking themselves as we seek to balance all of our roles, responsibilities, and opportunities.

So, how do we do it? Working since the age of 5, Candace has been in a balancing act for nearly her entire life. She is the first to tell you that there is no miracle formula for perfect execution in every area of your life, but there definitely are some lessons to be learned, lessons that come to life in Candace’s story.

Come along and dig into Candace’s story from her start in commercials, the balance-necessitating years on Full House, to adding on the roles of wife and mom while also returning to Hollywood. Insightful, funny, and poignant, Candace’s story will help you balance it all.

{My thoughts} – I was reading an article online and it suggested this book as a good book to read within it’s contents. I have always been a fan of sorts for Candace ever since she’d been aired as DJ on Full House. I later discovered her on a series called Make it or Break it and then she came back again in Fuller House.

Anyways – I decided I’d get the book and give it a read. It seemed like something I could maybe learn a little bit from. It reads more like a biography of her life then it does a how to type book. I was hoping to find some magically wisdom about how to be home with my kids and still make everything else work out. The main thing I took away from the book was that her love for God is what mainly leads her and helps her to balance everything that needs to be balanced.

I hadn’t known how much of a Christian she was when she was on Full House but she appeared to be an extreme Christian on Make it or Break it and I began to wonder if she was one in real life or if it was just for the show. As it would turn out she is a Christian and she isn’t afraid to share that with the world. She also has plenty of Bible verses listed within the book that helps to sway the reader towards her point of view.

If you want to read a short Biography about her and her family this is a great book to read for some of that information. This is also a great book to read if you are interested in learning more resources that can help to steer in a direction that can possibly help you to become closer to God, closer to your husband, closer to yourself, your family and friends.

I recommend this book for anyone looking for a light read about one’s relationship with God and how it led them down the path in which they are fulfilled and happy. It’s all about the choices that you choose to make, they can either help to life you up or drag you down. She shows who she is in both manners and it’s a really nice read, it shows that even though she is famous and well known that her life isn’t and hasn’t been as together as one would once have believed. It shows that she is definitely just like everyone else. She struggled to keep things together, she struggled to stay on the right path and she fully relies on God and her husband to help to lead her and their family down the paths that can lead to happiness.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.