{The Impossible Crime: Mac Barnett}

{The Impossible Crime: Mac Barnett}

{Synopsis} – The Crown Jewels are in danger… again! When the jewels go missing from inside a locked room, Mac’s spy skills are put to the test. How did the thief break in? Where did the jewels go? And will Mac be able to solve this locked room mystery before the thief escapes? This mystery isn’t just a whodunit… it’s a howdunit!

The action in this new adventure is nonstop, as Mac travels to an ancient Irish castle to solve the mystery. There, he encounters everything from killer king cobras to bizarre ice sculptures… and even a revenge plot dating back hundreds of years! Will you be able to solve the mystery before Mac does? Also features historical facts masterfully woven throughout the plot, and full-color illustrations on every page. Don’t miss the newest installment of this totally smart and sidesplittingly funny new series, Mac B., Kid Spy.

{My thoughts} – Mac is back in his all new Spy Adventure. The Queen of England once again sends him off on another mission. This time he is to try and prevent the theft of the Crown Jewels. However, he fails at preventing that and then has to figure out who took them, how they took them and where they went with them.

The illustrations in the book are bright and fun. They help to add to the quality of the story as they go hand and hand with the words presented on each page. This isn’t a long book to read and all the illustrations help to make it much shorter then it originally appears.

Throughout this book there are also many facts listed when the characters are having conversations. I think that is an important aspect of any book, to have facts listed within the fictional work. I do find it annoying though when as I am reading the book says something to the effect you can look it up too. I would much rather not be told to look something up, but it is a fun little book.

I recommend this book and the series for any child that enjoys spy novels. I also think that children that enjoy going on adventures within their imaginations will also enjoy reading this book and or the series. I look forward to seeing where the next book in the series is going to take Mac.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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