This book may be unsuitable for people under 14 years of age due to its use of language, mental illness, sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
{Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: The Crucible: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa}Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: The Crucible by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Series: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Published by Archie Comics on August 16, 2016
Genres: Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Horror, TV Adaptation, Young Adult
Pages: 160
Format: Paperback
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina:
{01} – Something Wicked
{02} – The Secret History of Madam Satan
{03} – Unholy Baptism
{04} – Harvey Horrors
{05} – The Trial

{My thoughts} – {date entire series completed} – {01.22.2019}
I have a confession. I have already watched the Netflix Original Series that is based of of these graphic Novels. When I’d started to watch it, I’d realized just how morbid this series was. I didn’t however, know the horror that would waiting to bed read within the pages of this book.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina:

– {Book 1: Something Wicked} – {01.22.2019} – Sabrina’s parents are meant to give her to her fathers sisters to raise. Her mother tries to run off with her which doesn’t work out in her favor and Sabrina’s aunts are left with raising her without the help and input of either parent. Sabrina has periods in which she doesn’t want to follow the rules and where the past things her parents had done are thrown into her face by her peers. Her aunts then decide that they are going to move to another town to get away from everything and attempt to give Sabrina a fresh start.

– {Book 2: The Secret History of Madam Satan} – {01.22.2019} – This book had so much blood shed. It was hard not to double, triple take many of the images. There is a lot to be learned within the pages of this book, particularly what happened to Sabrina’s dad and why he never returned back to her.

– {Book 3: Unholy Baptism} – {01.22.2019} – Sabrina is suppose to be getting ready to be baptized into satan’s army and she has some questions about it. She mostly gets the answers she was looking for, but she still isn’t okay with the outcome of everything. Her aunts push her to make the commitment to the dark and no longer follow the light. However, since Sabrina is a half-breed she has a choice and she isn’t sure she is making the right choice with it comes down to everything that is taking place.

– {Book 4: Harvey Horrors} – {01.22.2019} – This book was difficult for me. I’d watch the Sabrina comedy growing up and I’d watched the Netflix series. In both things aren’t nearly is sad and morbid as they are within the pages of this book.

– {Book 5: The Trial} – {01.22.2019} – Sabrina has to face a trial do to breaking witch law. However, she didn’t break it and is still being accused. This trial could result in her death if she is proven to be found guilty. If you’d like to know the outcome you’ll have to read the book. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.