{Mary Anne Saves the Day: Raina Telgemeier, Ann M. Martin}

{Mary Anne Saves the Day: Raina Telgemeier, Ann M. Martin}

{Synopsis} – When The Baby-sitters Club gets into a huge fight, Mary Anne is left to her own devices. She has to eat by herself in the school cafeteria, figure out how to make new friends, and deal with her overprotective father. But the worst happens when she finds herself in a baby-sitting emergency, and she can’t turn to her friends for help! Will Mary Anne solve her problems and save The Baby-sitters Club from falling apart?

Raina Telgemeier, using the signature style featured in her acclaimed graphic novels Smile and Sisters, perfectly captures all the drama and humor of the original novel!

{My thoughts} – The Baby-Sitters Club gets more then they bargain for when they all end up mad at one another. Mary Anne keeps trying to make peace by writing apology letters but no one seems to take them seriously. They end up running the club in a poor way, it’s extremely unorganized, and no one is really speaking to one another. It is almost like they are constantly trying to sabotage one another.

Mary Anne ends up making friends with the new kid in school. Her name is Dawn and they get along well. It comes out eventually that she’d made friends with her to make the members of the Baby-Sitting Club jealous, but in the end that doesn’t really matter.

The entire Baby-Sitters Club eventually makes up with one another. They become friends again and find a way to work through the things that had upset them to begin with. Best of all they invite Dawn to be a member. I think that’s pretty neat, because she’d helped Mary Anne with a baby-sitting job and everything turned out really well, even though Mary Anne was struggling with the desire to panic the entire time.

This was a nice addition to the storyline and it helps the readers get to know Mary Anne a lot more. It also introduces us to Dawn a new member of the Club! I look forward to reading the next book in the series soon!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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