{The San Francisco Earthquake, 1906: Lauren Tarshis}

{Synopsis} – The terrifying details of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake jump off the page!
Ten-year-old Leo loves being a newsboy in San Francisco — not only does he get to make some money to help his family, he’s free to explore the amazing, hilly city as it changes and grows with the new century. Horse-drawn carriages share the streets with shiny new automobiles, new businesses and families move in every day from everywhere, and anything seems possible.

But early one spring morning, everything changes. Leo’s world is shaken — literally — and he finds himself stranded in the middle of San Francisco as it crumbles and burns to the ground. Does Leo have what it takes to survive this devastating disaster?

The I SURVIVED series continues with another thrilling story of a boy caught in one of history’s most terrifying disasters!

{My thoughts} – Leo is a sweet boy that is living on his own for the most part. There isn’t any mention of his mom that I can remember and his dad passed away. Before his dad had died he’d gotten a gold nugget from him and lots of fun stories about adventures that his grandfather had went on. Leo being a child was intrigued by those stories and enjoyed hearing them as his father had told them to him.

In present day Leo is a newsboy in San Francisco. He makes very little money, but he is okay with that, it’s enough to get by and he isn’t forced to sell his prized gold nugget. One day Leo is on his way to turn in the money for the papers he sells and he gets jumped by the bullies in the area. They shake him upside down and take his money and the gold nugget. Leo then has to come up with w plan to get it back.

The night he tries to get it back the Earthquake happens. Leo nearly ends up dead but he manages to survive. It is a scary situation and considering his age, I’d say he handles things better then most adults would have. I like the description within the books as well as the illustrations. They help the reader to clearly visualize what the author is trying to portray.

I look forward to reading the next book in this series very soon.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.






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