{I Only Have Pies for You: Suzanne Nelson}

{I Only Have Pies for You: Suzanne Nelson}

{Synopsis} – Dacey Culpepper Biel comes from a long line of pie bakers. Her family’s shop, Pies N’ Prattle, is legendary in her small Texas town. But Dacey didn’t inherit a gift for baking. Her pies always end up as messy or burnt disasters. Even worse? Business has been slow lately, and Dacey wishes she could do something to help.

Then opportunity knocks: A popular TV show wants to feature the shop! But that means Dacey will have to spend time with Chayton Freedel, her arch-rival and the cute son of the show’s host. And when clues arise about a long-hidden family recipe, life at the shop may never be the same.

With a sprinkling of luck and some Southern charm, will Dacey be able to find the recipe, work alongside Chayton . . . and save her family’s legacy?

{My thoughts} – Dacey is and interesting girl. Her mom owns Pies N’ Prattle and it’s said to be a very famous or well known pie shop in Texas. However, even though the shop has been in the family for generations, it doesn’t mean that all members of the family have the ability to bake such wonderful pies. Dacey doesn’t seem to have inherited the family pie baking gene and it shows every time she tries to bake a pie and fails miserably at it.

A few years back a classmate of hers Chayton had moved away. She kind of liked him and kind of didn’t. His mom became the star of a television show and she has dragged him along for the ride. Her show seems to be losing ratings so now she is back to her hometown and Dacey and Chayton are back in school together. It takes some time but they find common ground to become mutual friends in a sense.

Dacey’s great-grandma had a famous pie she use to bake that everyone loved. Chayton’s mom wants that recipe so that she can use it as a means to try and save her show. Dacey wants it so she can try and save the family pie shop. Chayton’s mom ends up getting her hands on it, however, things don’t play out the way one would expect in a situation such as this one.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It’s a soft boy/girl crush book with limited disaster in the relationship aspect. It isn’t difficult or awkward to read in terms of understanding the characters and their feelings. It shows more or less what most children their age might be feeling and I think that’s a good thing.

I also like that how at the end of each of the books are some of the recipes that are mentioned within the pages of the book. This allows children the opportunity to try and be like the character within the pages of the book. My daughter has often asked me if we could recreate some of the recipes within the pages of the books. I really do think that it could be fun! I just don’t have to cooking/baking desire my daughter does!

I look forward to reading the next book in the series Shake it Off very soon!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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