{Shake it Off: Suzanne Nelson}

{Shake it Off: Suzanne Nelson}

{Synopsis} – Bria is used to city life in Chicago, but is headed to her aunt and uncle’s Iowa creamery for the summer. Their dairy operation offers a taste of country living to passersby, who can stop in for a milkshake, a wagon ride, and a trip through the corn maze. Bria is definitely out of her element, but her cousin, Wren, loves working on her parents’ farm. Bria takes refuge in crushing on Gabe, who also works at the dairy, and selling milkshakes in the farm shop.

But everything is in jeopardy when a corporate distributor wants to buy out the whole operation. Bria wants to add her city savvy and flair for design to the milkshake shop with crazy, over-the-top recipes. But will that be enough to save the family’s farm?

Bring on the tractor rides and first dates over a milkshake — plus Suzanne Nelson’s signature scrumptious recipes!

{My thoughts} – I really do enjoy reading these Wish Books by Suzanne Nelson. They are fun little crush books that many people can relate to. I enjoy how she throws in all the information about recipes into the storyline and also how the recipes are listed in the back of the books. These are really fun and fast reads.

Brea is your average girl that has gotten lost with the wrong kind of crowd. In order to try and correct her poor choices her mom and dad are making her spend the summer at her Aunt and Uncles on a farm. There she is forced to do things that to her are beneath her. She makes things more difficult then they need to be at first and she causes a ton of issues for everyone involved. It isn’t until she decides to make the best of the situation that things start to look up for her and those around her.

She has two really wonderful cousins named Luke and Wren that don’t fully understand why she is making things so hard on everyone. She seems to have the impression that because she isn’t able to spend her summer the way that she wanted in Chicago with her best friend that it isn’t worth her effort to get along with everyone around her.

It takes her awhile, but she does eventually find a way to make things work out for the best. She finds a way to adjust and get along with her family and she finds a way to push past how she feels in order to help them. In finding ways to help them, she always finds ways to help herself.

This was a really fun read and I look forward to reading more books by this author in the future. It helps to show children, that it’s okay to not always be happy with their situation and or circumstances, however, it also shows them how important it is to move past it and work towards a better end and beginning.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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