{Race to the South Pole: Kate Messner}

{Synopsis} – Ranger, the time-traveling golden retriever with search-and-rescue training, is back! This time, he joins a dangerous expedition to the South Pole!

Ranger, the time-traveling golden retriever with search-and-rescue training, joins an early twentieth-century expedition journeying from New Zealand to Antarctica. He befriends Jack Nin, the stowaway turned cabin boy of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s ship. They’re racing against a rival explorer to reach the South Pole, but with unstable ice, killer whales, and raging blizzards, the journey turns into a race against time… and a struggle to stay alive.

{My thoughts} – Ranger is a rather adventurous dog. I don’t think he means to be as brave as he is, but each time his first aid kit hums, he’s off on a new adventure. So far he’s traveled to many exciting places, I do believe my favorite so far has been in a previous book when he’d ended up in Rome!

In this book he winds up on a boat. It becomes clear to him that he needs to save and protect a young boy named Jack. Jack had a thirst for adventure and climbs aboard the vessel uninvited.

When Jack is discovered it because of a bad storm. He ends up helping the crew and earning his place as well as his keep. Ranger also helps a lot and earns his keep. Between the two of them they become a type of team and they make things work the next they can, given circumstances and situation.

There are many ups and downs in this book. If it weren’t for Ranger and his bravery I’m sure there wouldn’t be such a grand outcome.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I enjoyed the facts included about the South Pole as well. However, mostly I enjoyed reading about Ranger and Jacks story.

I look forward to reading more books in this series in the near future!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.






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