{Escape from the Great Earthquake: Kate Messner}

{Synopsis} – Ranger travels to San Francisco and meets Lily Chen. She was sent from China to America to work as a young servant, but she dreams of studying to be a doctor. When the Great Earthquake hits, Ranger arrives in time to rescue Lily from falling beams in the mission house where she lives. Together they flee to safety, stopping to help another girl, May Wong, save her little brother from the family’s collapsed market. Lily and May try to make their way through the ruined city with Ranger at their side. But can they escape crumbling buildings and raging fires, all while facing anti-Chinese discrimination?

{My thoughts} – Ranger is sent off on an all new adventure. This time however, he struggles with figuring out his purpose. He isn’t sure why he’s sent where he is sent. He’s not sure what he’s suppose to do to help, and then just as the confusion settles everything makes sense.

Lily is a sweet girl that lives in a group home. She doesn’t have a really family and doesn’t feel like she belongs. May is a smart girl that goes to school, helps her parents and seems to have an overall happy life.

Lily runs back in her group home to save a fish when the ground starts to shake. Ranger sees her and goes after her. He helps to get her out of the building and they run into May. May is trying to find someone to help her. Her little brother got trapped in their families store when the roof collapsed.

Ranger goes a long with and helps find her brother. Together the girls get him out and to safety. Once they are safely out of the store they seek medical help for May’s brother.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It helps to show children how difficult it might be to navigate a town/city ravaged by an earthquake and its fires. It helps to show that even though you might not think you will see someone you love and care about again, that’s it’s okay to hope for such an outcome.

I look forward to reading the next book in this series soon.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.






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