{Petal’s Party: Catherine Coe}

{Petal’s Party: Catherine Coe}

{Synopsis} – Everybunny knows that a little bit of luck can turn an ordinary day into an adventure! Welcome to Bright Burrow, home to the six hoppiest, floppiest, pluckiest, luckiest bunnies around.

Petal is planning a Lucky Bunny burrow party with all sorts of furbulous games and sweet treats to nibble on! But when Twinkle and Star have an argument that makes both bunnies so hopping mad they can’t stand the sight of each other, Petal doesn’t know what to do. Can she save the party-and Twinkle and Star’s friendship?

{My thoughts} – Petal invites all her friends to her burrow so that they can have a party. Petal tells her friends all about it and they all seem really excited, but then Ruby and Twinkle end up in an argument with one another. They disagree with some of the activities that should be done at the party.

In all honesty I don’t think it is fair or them to get upset and or mad at one another since it isn’t their party. I think that Petal realizes that there isn’t much she can do to help make things better, but her other friends do help. They attempt to sort out the situation and help to get even back on the same page and help them to get along again. However, it doesn’t work at first.

Eventually the two make up when they realize how they argument is causing so many problems for all their friends etc. Once they sort out and set aside their disagreement, they see that they are causing more hurt then harm. Eventually all of Petal’s friends make it to her party and they all talk everything through. No one seems upset with one another anymore and they all seem to be happy to be spending time with one another, like close friends should.

If you’d like to learn more about the day of Petal’s party you’ll need to read the book. It was a fun book to read through and I really enjoyed the story line! I am sure others will enjoy reading it as well!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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