{Future President: Lori Alexander}

{Future President: Lori Alexander}

{Synopsis} – Flip a switch. Turn a gear. Could Baby be an engineer? Find out in this STEM-themed addition to the Future Baby series!
Engineers want to know how things work. And so does Baby!

Does Baby have what it takes to become an engineer? That’s a positive! Discover all the incredible ways that prove Baby already has what it takes to become an engineer in whatever field they choose, be it electrical, mechanical, civil, or more! Includes lots of fun engineer facts to help foster curiosity and empower little ones to keep trying . . . and learning!

Future Baby is an adorable board book series that takes a playful peek into an assortment of powerful careers and shows little ones how their current skills match up with the job at hand. With Future Baby, babies can be anything!

{My thoughts} – Engineers and Baby’s have a lot in common. Engineers like to solve problems and figure out how things work. Baby’s like to do that too, just not in the same way. You never know what exploring a baby does could turn into a future engineer.

This book is nicely colored and eye appealing for children. It it simply written and easy for young ones to understand. I really enjoy reading through these types of books. They help to show children that they can be anything should they choose to. Which I think is really neat, I think it’s important to show children at a young age that they have options and potential and that anything is possible. It also helps to aid in building their imaginations!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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