{The Right Fight: Chris Lynch}

{The Right Fight: Chris Lynch}

{Synopsis} – The author of the acclaimed Vietnam series sets his sights on World War II.

There are few things Roman loves as much as baseball, but his country is at the top of the list. So when it looks like the United States will be swept up into World War II, he turns his back on baseball and joins the US Army.

Roman doesn’t mind. As it turns out, he is far more talented with a tank than he ever was with a baseball. And he is eager to drive his tank right into the field of battle, where the Army is up against the fearsome Nazis of the Afrika Korps.

The North African terrain is like nothing Roman has ever known, and desert warfare proves brutal. As Roman drives his team deeper into disputed territory, one thing becomes very clear: Life in wartime is a whole new ball game.

{My thoughts} – Roman is a fun character. He loves baseball and is a ball player for the Red Sox. He also loves Hannah and proposes to her before he heads off to war. He and Hannah write letters to one another throughout the book. There is a lot that happens through the book, but it covers mostly Romans tour during the War. He is a tank driver and his crew and him go through a lot.

There are a few points in the book where he lets his ego get the best of him. This shows mostly in the letters that he writes to Hannah. He tells her how he feels about things and she replies back that she doesn’t think he should be thinking in that way. He doesn’t like hearing that, but accepts it and he goes on about his tour.

He writes her telling her that he thinks when the war is over all his buddies he has been with on the tour should come over. Then she tells him that it sounds like a fine idea, but that isn’t exactly they outcome.

I really enjoyed reading this book as I love to read nearly anything based on WWII. However, this book was more concentrated on the war as opposed to what the war was doing. It was a nice change of pace for me and I look forward to reading more in this series soon. If you’d like to learn about Roman and his crew and well also Hannah – you should give this book a read! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I had.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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