{The Bad Guys and The Baddest Day Ever: Aaron Blabey}

{The Bad Guys and The Baddest Day Ever: Aaron Blabey}

{Synopsis} – “I wish I’d had these books as a kid. Hilarious!” — Dav Pilkey, creator of Captain Underpants and Dog Man

They may look like Bad Guys, but these wannabe heroes are doing good deeds… whether you like it or not! This New York Times bestselling illustrated series is perfect for fans of Dog Man and Captain Underpants.

All hail Crown Prince Marmalade! Surrender to his evil magnificence! Kneel before his butt-handed glory! Or…like…DON’T! The Bad Guys and even Badder Girls might have been knocked down, but does that mean they’ll stay down? No way, chicos! Pull on your party pants-it’s the ultimate battle between Bad and BAAAAAAD!

{My thoughts} – This book begins with The Bad Guys all discussing the death of Mr. Snake. If you can recall from the last book that he’d fallen off the space ship and they didn’t know what happened to him after that, so they were left to assume he’d died.

The Bad Guys and the Bad Girls take the time to discuss how they are in need of a name change. So they come up with The Shadow Squad G. Once they have a name they go with it because it is different and it helps to include both the Bad Guys and the Bad Girls in a whole new group. It’s nice to see that no one is being left out. I actually like the new name.

I look forward to seeing what is going to take place in the next book as I have enjoyed this series from the beginning. It is fun to read, interesting and well all around just good in so many ways. I like that it is funny and engaging for children.

I recommend this series for any child that enjoys graphic novels and a good laugh!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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