{Anne of Green Gables: L. M. Montgomery}

{Anne of Green Gables: L. M. Montgomery}

{Synopsis} – Eleven-year-old orphan Anne Shirley has just arrived at Green Gables, and already her guardians want to send her back. First, she’s not the boy the Cuthberts expected. Second, she talks too much. And even with her generous spirit, the redhead’s a trouble magnet. She gets the neighbor drunk and nearly poisons the pastor!

Still, despite a rocky start, the fiery Anne wins over her guardians and her new community. She enjoys life at Green Gables, excels in school, and earns a coveted scholarship. But when tragedy hits, Anne must choose between her dreams and the only home she’s ever known.

In this beloved coming-of-age story, Lucy Maud Montgomery drew from her own experiences growing up in Canada during the nineteenth century to introduce generations of readers to one of literature’s most original and inspiring characters.

{My thoughts} – I remember reading this book back when I was in the 4th grade. We had to read so many books to get so many reading points. Different books gave more points. It was a lot like the AR reading tests our children take in school today.

Anne Shirley Is this sweet little eleven-year-old orphan that was left an an orphanage after both her parents had passed away from different circumstances. Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert are a brother and sister that are in need of help on their farm. They are getting up in age and are looking to adopt a boy to come and help Matthew with chores and things outside.

They’d sent word of mouth to a trusted acquaintance to have them bring back a boy for them. Somehow, wires got crossed and they brought back a little girl instead. It was quite a shock for everyone and Marilla was set on sending her back to the orphanage until Mattew gave his two cents on the matter.

Anne breezes through school at an exceptionally fast pace and seems to be able to learn really quickly. She however, does have a wild imagination that makes it fun to read what comes of the things her character has to say within the pages of the book. Aside from her fun imagination, she has one really close friend and attends events with her on a regular basis.

This book covers things that are normal for children at her age up through age 16 or so. Back in the day there was such a difference for children, their upbringing, and how things use to be done. Now, the things you read in dated books like this, you can easily see how different stuff is between past and present and it’s fun to learn about and read about those differences.

I really enjoyed reading this book and reliving my childhood in a sense through it. As I was reading it I Was wondering how I knew what a lot of the words in it were though, seeing as I am an adult now and some of the words don’t really make a whole lot of sense to me at this point. I was constantly marking words I didn’t know and looking them up in a dictionary so that I’d know the meanings. It is always fun to learn new words, for sure always fun to learn new things.

I also marked and saved a number of quotes that I enjoyed coming across within the book and look forward to sharing them at some point with my readers.

I look forward to reading more in this series in the future as I have only ever read the first book in this particular series.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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