{Baby Santa: M. Maitland Deland}

{Baby Santa: M. Maitland Deland}

{Synopsis} – When disaster strikes the North Pole, who will help Santa save Christmas? This heartwarming tale of father and son introduces readers to a new Christmas character who is certain to become a Yule-time legend. The rambunctious, unpredictable Baby Santa demonstrates that every member of the family can help out, no matter how big the emergency.

This is the first book in the Baby Santa series, enchanting children with the amazing adventures of the youngest member of the Claus family.

{My thoughts} – This book has some very nice illustrations. I cannot judge the story within the pages because the copy I downloaded from netgallery has no words past the title page. I have most of the illustration pages I believe but not all of them. It is really hard for me to properly rate a book without knowing the story so in this case I am choosing to rate it based on illustration alone.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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