{Baby Santa and the Lost Letters: M. Maitland Deland}

{Baby Santa and the Lost Letters: M. Maitland Deland}

{Synopsis} – Only a week until Christmas, and the last delivery of children's Christmas letters to Santa have not arrived at the North Pole Santa and his elves are ready to finish making presents . . . but where is the last batch of Christmas letters? For the first time in history, the mailbox at the North Pole is empty. If Santa can't find the missing letters, Christmas will be ruined for children across the world.

Just when it seems that all is lost, out jumps Baby Santa. The youngest member of the Claus family relies on his quick wits, his winning attitude, and his endless energy to solve the mystery of the lost letters with help from remarkable animal characters around the globe.

Responding to a cry for help, penguins, kangaroos, and even a three-toed sloth cooperate with friends on every continent in an amazing race to save the holidays.

{My thoughts} – This was a cute little book about Baby Santa and how he helped to save Christmas. Santa was looking for the rest of the letters to finish making gifts and he couldn’t find them. Baby Santa asked reindeer to ask his animal friends and the letters were located and returned just in time. The illustrations are bright attention grabbing and nice. The story helps children to learn how to make a selfless act in order to help others.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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