{Dylan’s Day: Tim Hutchinson}

{Dylan’s Day: Tim Hutchinson}

{Synopsis} – Dylan is a playful and curious dog who has many things to do with his time, including the most important thing of all: finding the big fat cat that lives next door. This beautifully illustrated book follows Dylan as he chases, sniffs, catches and follows birds, flowers, pots, neighbors and more, all the while frantically looking for the big fat cat—until he finds it, that is. Dylan’s Day is a funny and endearing story that teaches kids it’s OK to sometimes be a little scared.

{My thoughts} – This book is adorable. It’s about a curious dog named Dylan that has a hang up on the cat next door. He is suppose to find the cat throughout the whole book, but keeps getting sidetracked. Eventually he finds the cat and runs back home scared.

This book helps to show children that it’s okay to want to find things to see where they are and what they look like. It also shows that it’s okay to be scared of something. Being scared isn’t a bad thing, it helps to show one’s humanity.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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