{Hocus Pocus: Takes the Train: Sylvie Desrosiers}

{Hocus Pocus: Takes the Train: Sylvie Desrosiers}

{Synopsis} – A magician's rabbit is up against a fast train and a meddlesome dog in his quest to reunite a stuffed toy with its toddling owner. Even the earliest readers will delight in this second wordless comic adventure featuring Hocus Pocus and Dog.

{My thoughts} – This book is nicely illustrated. It reminds me sort of like I was looking at illustrations my own child possibly made. I like how this book has no words, but it still has a wonderful story to tell. It helps to introduce children to comic strips while appealing to their interest in brightly colored illustrations.

This is another thinking book in my opinion. I love how it allows for the reader to decide to tell the story. I like that there are no words because it allows for the reader to use their imagination by following the pictures and tell a story all on their own. This is one of those books that are great for nearly any child that is learning to talk or has been talking for years. It can potentially be beneficial to their language/ concept development.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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